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How Will Your Business Benefit From Search Engine Marketing Services?

Combining both SEO with PPC and SEA will bring a boost to your business when using search engines like Google and Bing.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Digital Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By applying the latest techniques, tools and technology, we provide you with the best chance to improve business results. That is what our Search Engine Marketing Services are all about.

Do you really need a Search Engine Marketing Services to meet your business goals? Ask yourself these questions:

For each of our clients we set goals specially targeted to their business model, sales projection and ROI.

Our goals for you are:

Latest Marketing Trends Shows

That using the latest tools, techniques and methodologies you can achieve success

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The Modules We Use to Reach Your Goals with SEM Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing we help you to achieve your business goals online, using a tailored system of various measurements!



Individual System

Lead Generation

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing we help you to achieve your business goals online, using a tailored system of various measurements!



A/B Testing


See, Think & Do - Framework

Ad Creation

Content Creation

What We Do to Target the Right Audience for Your Business

After an initial meeting with you and your marketing team, we will set up an individual, tailored strategy that is goal focused in order to give you the best way possible to market your products and services online. We proceed in multiple steps to reiterate the efforts. We start with a MVP set up and repeat adjustments it through out the time to create an effective SEM system.


First, we will initiate time to speak with you and your team in order to listen and understand your product and services as well as your company and its audience. We are going so set goals and KPIs. Using this information, we will outline a strategy for your digital marketing efforts, and make sure that your SEM campaigns are in alignment with your other marketing efforts.


After outlining the strategy, we will conduct an in-depth research of your market segments, your competitors, your audiences and your website/content. In addition, we will complete a deep keyword research. This is one of the most important and critical steps for your SEM campaigns. 

Content & Ad Creation

Using the results of the in-depth research, we will outline a set of ads for different PPC/SEA platforms and content for your website.

Individual System

Next, we will set up your campaigns on different platforms using the prepared ads and content. No technical skills from your side needed – we do that for you. The set up will be individual to your needs. Not more and not less!

Analytics & Reporting

Once running the SEM campaigns, we closely monitor its outcome. The Data will show us what is working and what is not, and we will decide on the modifications necessary to bring you more traffic, leads, and customers at a better ROI.


Most Search Engine Marketing Agencies simply create a plan then executes it. That simply won’t work. A proper plan needs to be revised and modified based on the initial results. Then the plan needs to be reviewed and edited throughout the SEM process. It may take many changes in a plan to obtain the optimum results.

What our clients say about us!

“The SEO Audit conducted by PeakWerks was extremely detailed. It revealed many items about our website’s content and structure that needed improvement or correction. By discovering these items, we can now create a plan to correct them and improve our search engine rankings.”

Robert Butler
BetaDyne Power

“PeakWerks recently completed an SEO Audit of our website. I was impressed with the depth of information the report provided. It really showed a lot of issues which we can now address.”

R McDonald
Tri-Star Design

Why Select PeakWerks Search Engine Marketing Services?

Not all Search Engine Marketing Agencies are the same. Some are primarily web designers and offer SEO, PPC and SEA as added services. Others are just SEO agencies that are now just getting into the whole area of SEM. Many more are just starting a SEM business and have little experience to offer. We believe that we have a unique background, international experience, and accountability.

Boost Your Business Online With Our Search Engine Marketing Services

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