We Do Provide Growth as a Service for You

Whether you’re developing a digital strategy from scratch, revamping an existing one or rolling out new online campaigns, PeakWerks will help you to be successful. Everything we do is dedicated to your growth!

Marketing & Website Audits

To properly identify potential problems an in-depth, detailed report on every aspect of a website is needed. This includes but not limited to: global performance, rankings, UX &UI, content and keyword review, indexing, coding, inbound links. Unidentified errors within your website can ruin the results of your marketing campaign or program.

Unique Setups

The marketing programs that we create are matched to your business objectives, goals, markets and budget requirements. Each marketing program we setup is unique unto itself and has different objectives than another program.

Content Creation

Providing the correct content for each audience makes the difference between getting noticed and not. Each piece of content that we write has a specific intent and goal. We help you to plan content marketing to drive success and growth to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Machine learning keeps getting smarter. Knowing this our SEO expertise is keeping up with the fast pace change. We help you get more traffic, visitors, leads, and customers through organic search results from search engines.

Our aspects of SEO are technical SEO, content and link building.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Obtaining high ad placement positions is great. But establishing proper goals and budgets at the beginning of a SEA program is more important than just high positions. Our SEA services brings you and your business on the top of search engine results and are perfect for creating leads and customers.

Display Ads

Learn the benefits you can enjoy by using display advertising campaigns. We create optimized display ads in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to obtain sustained growth of your business.

Marketing Automation

A personalized customer journey is a most important element of a successful marketing & growth campaign. Customized messages can be developed using marketing automation to better target potential customers. Customers don’t like to be mass marketed; they want to be approached on their own terms. Marketing automation tools help us target properly, track results and report findings.

Advanced Analytics

We use the latest analytics tools and programs that provide a true and complete analysis of our marketing actions. Properly analyzing and understanding the data is the key to finding how effective your marketing programs are and where changes need to be made.

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