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“If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there”- Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

If your business website has not been audited in the past two years, you are in for a lot of surprises and not good ones I’m afraid to say. A website audit will tell you where you are and set you on the right road for success!

So much has changed with the way Google and other search engines analyze and rank pages on your website. You will need to know where your problems are and fix them now.

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RankBrain is not new. In fact, Google has been using it for well over a year as part of their search algorithm. It is a further development of the Hummingbird-Update. Google Hummingbird was the first update that was developed in order to better “understand” the content of web pages. Google uses this machine learning artificial intelligence tool in processing billions web pages. Also, Search Experience ratings of websites by Google have moved to the forefront.

15% of all searches are “first searches”. RankBrain can give the right answer to queries that has been never asked before. That’s about 450 million searches per day!

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What is search experience optimization

Most everyone knows something about Search Engine Optimization but what is Search Experience Optimization?

First, let me state that in order to obtain high search engine rankings you will still need to provide search engines with the technical search engine optimization elements like Titles, Meta Tags, ALT tags, etc. But now, marketers must also include the user experience elements so search engines will judge a website as worthy of high rankings.

New search engine algorithms (search formulas) are now using behavior metrics, user interface, site speed, site structure, mobile optimization, SSL, meaningful and useful content, rather than just digging for keywords on a webpage to determine how to rank pages. It's time to apply search experience optimization and search engine optimization together to achieve high rankings.

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If you are looking to obtain high search engine rankings, stop thinking Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and start thinking Search Experience Optimization (SXO).

Google and other search engines are now looking differently at pages they index. Yes, they are still looking for content, but there are new elements that they want to see on the pages and with the overall website structure. In general, search engines are looking for pages that are created for the best user experience.

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