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My Online Marketing doesn't perform!

Have you ever asked yourself why your Online Marketing doesn't perform?
  • Why your website doesn't get more traffic and conversions?
  • Why your social media campaign is not performing?
  • Why visitors are leaving your website without taking any action?
  • Why visitors are not finishing their shopping process?

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Why Select PeakWerks As Your Online Marketing Partner?

PeakWerks is a Search Engine Optimization company that practices Search Experience Optimization. Our SEO service uses the process of optimizing the entire experience for an internet user who is in search of a product, service or information.

We serve the needs of the searcher and apply the newest requirements of good SEO practice by answering what searchers want: results that is on target and relevant to their search, answers to the searchers’ question, while providing accurate and credible information.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high search engine rankings while giving the greatest end-user experience possible.

We help you to get more relevance, traffic, conversions and sales!

We offer a range of services to provide more relevance, traffic and conversions for your business online. We help you to achieve your goals using our tailored strategy and implementation!

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Social Media

Link/Trust Building

Online PR


Site Clinic

What our clients says about us!

"The SEO Audit conducted by PeakWerks was extremely detailed. It revealed many items about our website’s content and structure that needed improvement or correction. By discovering these items, we can now create a plan to correct them and improve our search engine rankings."

Robert Butler
BetaDyne Power

"PeakWerks recently completed an SEO Audit of our website. I was impressed with the depth of information the report provided. It really showed a lot off issue which we can now address."

R McDonald
Tri-Star Design

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Want to know more about us and how our Services can help you to generate:
  • More Traffic!
  • More Relevance!
  • More Conversions!
  • More Sales!
Learn more about our Audit Services

We will provide a comprehensive audit that considers a wide range of aspects:

  • Global Performance Information
    • Global Rank
    • Country Rank
    • Category Rank
    • Total Visits
    • Engagements
    • Traffic
  • Ranking Audit
    • Keyword Ranking Status incl. Competitors
  • UI & UX
    • Call To Actions
    • Mobile friendly?
    • Readability Content
  • Overview (OnPage)
    • Keyword Focus / Theme
    • URL Structure
    • Title Tags
    • META Description
    • OG Tags (Open Graph)
    • Heading Tags (H1 - H6)
    • Content (word count, etc.)
    • Internal Linking and Anchor Tags (Link Structure)
    • Image Names and ALT Text
  • Indexing Overview
    • Indexing Optimization Analysis
    • Page Exclusions (robots.txt)
    • Page Inclusions (sitemap.xml)
    • URL Redirects (301, 302, www / non-www)
    • Duplicate Content
    • Broken Links
    • Code Validation
    • Page Speed (css, js, caching, image-sizes)
    • SSL Settings (http vs. https)
  • Linking Analysis Overview (OffPage)
    • Inbound Followed Links
    • Linking Root Domains
    • Authority and Trust

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